Hello, welcome to "Scriptum Mistiviae". I'm the owner of this blog, currently residing in Hangzhou, China.

Online, I go by the name "Mistivia". It's not derived from any language and holds no specific meaning; I just find it pleasing to ears. However, we could assume this word follows the first declension in Latin.

Other than this site, you can also find me in these places:

I prefer not to define myself by profession, so I won't introduce my occupation.

I'm proficient in computer technology and advocate free software (free as in free press). Here, I'll briefly introduce the software I use daily:

  • Operating System: GNU/Linux
  • Distribution: Void Linux
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Editors: Vim/VSCode
  • Programming Languages: C, Scheme/Racket, Python

Though I'm a Vim user, I still have a dream to use Emacs, despite my inability to fully grasp it.

If you're interested in communicating with me, feel free to use GnuPG.

I'm also a music enthusiast, exploring various genres. I can play the piano and the guitar, albeit at a beginner level in both.

In university, I studied electronic engineering and cryptography, but I didn't pursue them further. Nowadays, they remain as hobbies, particularly electronics DIY and encryption for personal computing.

Lastly, some miscellaneous facts:

  • I play table tennis;
  • I enjoy Metroidvania and Souls-like games, also Celeste;
  • I spend an hour or two weekly watching anime;
  • I play TRPGs, especially DnD;
  • I have a basic understanding of Magic: The Gathering;
  • I own a Pixel phone running native Android OS;
  • My only academic publication relates to Bitcoin, but I strongly disapprove "blockchain".

Email: i (at) mistivia (dot) com